Samsara Partners

Samsara promotes a number of NGO's and organizations throughout Asia. Please visit the website links on this Partners page to find out more and consider making a donation. Thank you so much your help is much appreciated!

SHE rescue Home Cambodia is a safe haven for girls aged 5 to 16 who have been trafficked and/or raped or otherwise at risk. The NGO provides families with sewing work at home so that they will earn sufficiently and not be forced into sex trafficking.

You can find out more and donate at their website:

Facebook: Rescue Home

Himalayan Blooms is an organization that promotes skills and work for women in Himalayan villages so as to support their families and community projects such as schools. Find out more at their website where they sell beautiful hand knitted items and also donations can be made

Himalayan blooms

Friends International works throughout Asia to protect and support vulnerable children and their families. Children are given access to education so and families support and skill so as children are not forced to work or trafficked. Their ChildSafe programme is active throughout Asia including Cambodia. Please visit the website, find out more and make a donation at

Samsara Partners

Women for Women Foundation creates a safe and healthy community for girls, women and their families and works toward an equal and just environment. It provides vocational skills training to girls and women, and employment opportunities to promote women’s economic security and independence through the production of silk arts and crafts. Since its beginning in 2005, the organization has enabled more than 500 women and men to have vocational training and job placement.




Since 2007, Daughters of Cambodia has been reaching girls and transgenders in red light areas with the chance to leave the sex industry voluntarily without institutionalizing them. They provide them with alternative jobs in one of our many sustainable businesses. Their artisans produce a wide range of apparel, accessories and home décor items.


Facebook: of Cambodia

Education For the Future was founded to train young disadvantaged Cambodians in making jewellery from exploded bomb casings, turning horror in to beauty and providing skills, education and support. 

Hospitals Beyond Boundaries is dedicated to providing low cost socially equitable medical care to the poorest communities in Cambodia and elsewhere, in particular to the Muslim Cham community of Phnom Penh with their new clinic. You can find out more or donate to HBB at

Hospitals beyond boundaries

Mountain People Nepal is an organization promoting many educational and charitable projects in the Nepalese Himalayas, its aim being to "help mountain people help themselves." To find out more or to donate please visit their website

Mountain People

Smile For Hope Cambodia is an NGO that promotes education for girls and skills in sewing and craft, and also educates families in parenting, hygiene and nutrition.

See Beyond Borders is an organization that trains teachers and supports communities to improve schools in Cambodia. So far 523 teachers have been trained to assist in 199 schools and help over 27,000 students. Please donate to help them out at their website

Samsara Partners

The Cambodian Handcraft Association for Landmine and Polio Disabledoes amazing work providing employment and support. Please go to their facebook page to find out more or donate.

Child Safe Cambodia This organization works hard to protect children and advise tourists how best to handle their visit to Cambodia and help Cambodian children. They run a hotline for notifications to report/prevent potential child sexual abuse.  To find out more or donate go to

The Al Hasan Volunteer Network
is a platform dedicated to providing volunteering opportunities through social and charity projects to serve refugee and underprivileged communities. Based in Kuala Lumpur. For more information or to make a donation visit their website.