About Samsara

About Samsara

About Samsara Online

Samsara Online gathers beautiful fair trade items from around the world that help support families and communities....Like land mine victims in Cambodia or single mothers in Indonesia. 

You can visit the websites and make donations to the organizations we support at our Partners page.

Samsara Online was born after journeys across Asia and Nepal. So much poverty, but everywhere beautiful products reflecting ancient skills, and people making and selling them to support their families.

It's the passion of Samsara to help those products find homes with people who will love them like we do. So we are bringing them to you which will help support artisans, their families and communities.

People and Communities

About Samsara

Our aim is to source as many products as we can from organizations that promote equity, prosperity and fair trade, that empower low income and vulnerable groups such as women by making them economically independent.
We offer environmentally friendly products such as bags and jewellery created from old inner tubes, jewellery created from brass bomb casings and items created from rice bags. 
Our bags made from recycled flour bags help support women in Bali who are raising children on their own

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About Us

Samsara Online Pty Ltd has two directors: Marck, an architect and interior designer from Brazil, and Rebecca a teacher from Australia. We are driven to find the most beautiful products from around the world and gather them together for you to enjoy.

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