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Silk clutch bag perfect for a night out!

black clutch bag blue clutch bag red clutch bag green clutch bag aqua clutch bag
navy blue clutch bag
We had meetings planned with various producers of Cambodian handcrafts to purchase items for Samsara Online. We found these lovely pure silk clutch bags in lots of colours of green, pink, red, aqua, blue and black

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh
We have only been in Cambodia for two days and already it has been a wild and confronting ride in a country with such a brutal recent past. Yesterday we went looking for products for First off we visited the factory founded by an Italian man to make beautiful jewellery from bombs and land mines. He came to Phnom Penh fourteen years ago adopting a Cambodian orphan and since then has started schools and a jewellery making school for homeless Cambodian kids where they can live and learn skills that keep them out of terrible poverty and prostitution.