Just back from Bali

Another great adventure looking for beautiful products for Samsara. This time in Bali, an outpost of Hinduism in Indonesia. Spirituality is soaked in to every aspect of life and brilliant creativity everywhere despite the tourism, the development, the changes happening to this traditional culture. Its the little surprises everywhere that really got us.
   Walking down a street in Ubud, broken pavements, naughty monkeys, shops full of giant wooden penis bottle openers and then suddenly a little hidden doorway surrounded by beautiful stone carvings beckons...and you are in another world. Gorgeous carved and gilded pavilions in a paved courtyard of exquisite beauty with water trickling over aged moss stone vessels in to pools of enormous golden and orange carp gliding through the crystal clear  water and frangipani dropping their flowers across the stones.
   A beautiful young woman in traditional dress appears from a pavilion and is gone as if in a dream. She places the offerings on the ground to keep the forces of good and evil in balance and then her gifts to the gods on the altar, lighting incense and softly whispering ancient prayers. It is a most mysterious island.

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