Silk clutch bag perfect for a night out!


Beautiful pure silk clutch bags!

The time we spent in Phnom Penh was exhausting with the 40 degree plus temperatures really challenging. pink clutch bag

Land mines remain a devastating legacy of war, both from the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge and each year thousands are maimed or killed by explosion of landmines still lurking in vast numbers. We visit one workshop managed by a woman who lost her leg aged twelve when collecting wood for her family in the forest. Her friend who was with her was killed by the explosion. She pointed proudly to a photograph of herself with Princess Diana during the latter’s campaign against land mines.

Her artificial leg and foot are made from carved timber as are the artificial limbs of the other disabled workers in the workshop. Her courage and her optimism are extraordinary and inspiring in circumstances that are a product of the worst faces of human behaviour and history which she, along with countless others, had been caught up in circumstances utterly beyond their control.

We bought lots of gorgeous silk clutch bags for Samsara and we are looking forward to sharing them with our customers. The black clutch bag pictured comes in other colours: the red clutch bag, blue clutch bag, pink clutch bag, green clutch bag and aqua clutch bag are all available at our Samsara Online shop website.

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