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Pure silk handwoven scarves in jewel colours, lots of colours, designs and sizes 

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Pure silk cushion covers in a gorgeous range of colours, see our collection

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Stunning range of jewellery, bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces at our Jewellery Collection

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Reproductions of traditional Chinese silk scroll paintings on pure silk in many designs, sizes and colour backgrounds, with wooden rollers. 

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Handwoven pure cotton Ikat products from Indonesia in a range of colours and designs.
Cushion covers, table runners and bags.

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Recycled rubber tire vegan wallets made by disabled people in Cambodia in Gifts. Lots of lovely gifts to choose from at our Gifts Collection

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Handmade clutch bags and handbags in many gorgeous colours and designs, in silk or handwoven palm leaf

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Buddhist statue of Tara in Tibetan silver from out Buddha Statues and Singing Bowls collection

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Toothbrush bags and shopping bags made of recycled rice bags, vegan wallets and earrings made from old tire inner tubes. 

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Handpainted wooden bangles from Kashmir in a range of colours

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Sarongs and beach wraps

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Pure cotton Boho style scarves with fringes, unisex and men's scarves

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Strong and fun shopping bags from recycled rice bags or handwoven palm leaf

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Exquisite Mughul style handpainted miniature paintings with Persian script from India

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Hammocks in a range of colours from Cambodia at Gifts Collection

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Endless knot pendant at Jewellery Collection

Solid gold reclining Vishnu from the Padmanabaswamy Temple treasure in Trivandrum, India. See more at Samsara Blog

Handweaving Ikat fabric in Indonesia, check it out at the Cushion Covers Collection

Women hand weaving Ikat in East Bali

Thread for Ikat using natural dyes


Samsara Testimonials

Thank you Rebecca and Marck for taking the time to explain the stories behind your products. It is very moving and for me as a buyer I love that I can support these beautiful people whom have made the most of their circumstances.

My bag and wallet arrived at my as per stated schedule in perfect condition also – thank you! When I use them I know the effort and story behind them which makes it even more special 😘

Emma on Jun 03, 2018


Thank you so much for the guys wallet its really good to know that stuff  like inner tubes can be recycled in to something so good looking and useful! I love it

Johno May 2018


Item arrived quickly and looks excellent. Thank you!

Jacqui Bosman on 24 May, 2018    


  Recycled rubber tyre mens wallet handmade by land mine victims in Cambodia

Ingrid on 13 May, 2018    

Great, exactly what I was expecting. I love it. Thanks to you. Ingrid 2018

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Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala

Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala

This is a spooky one...underground chambers of this ancient temple were recently opened to discover trillions of dollars worth of gold, jewels and coins, some dating from the ancient Greeks. It is the sealed door of chamber B that fascinates. Covered with cobra sculptures and supposedly sealed with use of mantras and only able to be opened with mantras or disaster will come apon the world...No one knows what is behind the sealed doors and no one is willing to mess with the Gods and open it...Only in India!! Check out the video at the Samsara Blog.

temple door 


Ramakrishna Math Chennai

Kapaleesewarar Temple and Ramakrishna Math Chennai

Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai India
India continues to have much to offer the world about spirituality in many surprising ways.
Chennai India samsara online

Its been a big first day in India...

Lets start with a bit of a glimpse of the traffic conditions in anarchy, noise, honking, near misses and pretty terrifying from the back seat of a tuk tuk with an ancient bus bearing down on you on the wrong side of the road. The sweet school girls wandering by oblivious to the chaos around them gives it an extra surreal dimension. This bit of film was taken a few years ago but you get the idea
India by train?

India by train?

Amazing India is coming soon but the plans to travel by train are being challenged by the difficulty of trying to book and work out what is the most massive rail system on earth! Hmm...India rail train
Tasmania's Dark Mofo amazing, challenging, thought provoking

Tasmania's Dark Mofo amazing, challenging, thought provoking

Dark Mofo, flaming crosses, upside down crosses, a journey in to the shadow side of the unconscious? Check out the film footage at the Samsara blog page...
Auroville India matramandir

Getting ready for India

Getting excited for next weeks Samsara Online Shop trip to south India.  Check out the video about Auroville, City of The DawnWe are combining finding beautiful products with stays at various ashrams. The first is the Sri Aurobindo ashram at Pondicherry and Auroville, founded on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. Its spiritual heart is the Matramandir building as pictured. We hope to find lots of beautiful silk scarves and other products 
Auroville India matramandir